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Stillpoints: A Podcast with Scott Johnson

Oct 6, 2019

Scott talks to Caroline Taylor, a long term SYL practitioner, about how she has navigated her yoga practice since the time she started in 2012. Caroline has been a practitioner of Ashtanga yoga since 2012 when she first met Scott after walking into Stillpoint Yoga London as a beginner. She joined Stillpoint at the time just after Ozge Karabiyik had passed away and has been an integral part of the community since then.

Caroline works as a highly skilled clinical psychologist, based in Brighton. You can find out more about Caroline and her deeply powerful work here.


A Transformative Pathway

Scott and Caroline talk candidly about their relationship as teacher and student and how both have grown as a response to meeting each other. Caroline's story is of courage as she found Ashtanga yoga incredibly difficult right from the start. But from the first words she spoke to Scott in the Stillpoint room to now Caroline has shown deep courage in the way she has moved and navigated her yoga practice and life.

Carrie also shares how how persistence allowed for her to meet and transform the way she saw her body. It transformed her in such a way that it influenced the way she practice her work too. 

Carrie's story is a wonderful take on how moving through difficult layers of practice can turn into something transformative.

The conversation covers:

  • Caroline's way into contemplative practice.
  • Caroline's time at Bangor University.
  • How she used the Ashtanga practice to land her in her body
  • How Mindfulness wasn't helping her.
  • How she started at Stillpoint
  • How challenging she found yoga practice
  • How she transformed because of her yoga practice
  • How she then found how mindfulness re-invigorated her life.
  • How feedback really helped and re-inforced her
  • How she connected to Ozge even though she had passed a few moths before.
  • How her practice transformed the way Caroline served her clients as a clinical psychologist.
  • Caroline shares ways she helps her clients using principles she has learnt from yoga.
  • How practice is deeply personal.
  • How John Scott helped her to not stop.


Show notes

Teachers Mentioned

Andy Gill, Lee Monk, Laura Graham-Dullaert, Maria Jose Pantoja, John Scott.

Also mentioned

Bangor University