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Stillpoints: A Podcast with Scott Johnson

Sep 7, 2019

Scott talks to Liz Lark about her life. Scott and Liz have been friends and colleagues for nearly 15 years.

Liz is one of the foremost and most well loved teachers of yoga in the UK over the last 30 years. She has written 8 books on yoga and brings a sense of creativity, fun and beautiful intelligence to the teaching and sharing of yoga. She continues to teach nationally and internationally and is on the faculty of the Yoga Campus teacher training program.

 You can find out more about Liz here.




Yoga As A Creative Process

'I saw an angel in the stone and I carved until I set him free.'



Scott and Liz have a wide reaching conversation that spans her practice and teaching life. From her early practice years, where she worked with pioneers Derek Ireland and Radha Warrell to where she now mentors yoga teachers, Liz shares beautiful insights into how Ashtanga yoga evolved in London and the UK. She also shares how yoga has evolved for her and how she helps others to find their own creative process through her own ongoing discoveries.

The conversation covers:

  • How Scott and Liz met.
  • Liz talks about how she began yoga.
  • Liz talks about working with Derek Ireland and Radha Warrell at the legendary Practice Place in Greece learning Ashtanga yoga.
  • How people had to travel to find yoga when she was younger.
  • How Liz started teaching yoga.
  • Liz’s relationship with her teacher Derek.
  • Liz’s memories of Derek’s death in 1999.
  • Working with Gingi Lee at the Sangam.
  • Liz’s movement away from Ashtanga yoga.
  • How yoga has became a deeply creative process for Liz.
  • How Liz finds herself now.

This podcast is like a little history lesson of the early UK and London ashtanga yoga scene. It also captures the evolution of a wonderful and inspiring free spirit, which Liz totally embodies.



Show notes


Teachers Mentioned

Derek Ireland

Radha Warrell

Hamish Hendry

John Scott

Gingi Lee

Godfrey Devereux


Yoga Shala’s Mentioned

Stillpoint Yoga London

The Life Centre

Gingi Lee’s The Sangam (now The Shala)



Special Mentions

Oxford Yoga - Ian and Josephine Macdonald

The Montiverdi Choir


Books Mentioned 

The Endorphin Effect - William Bloom

When Things Fall Apart - Pema Chodron