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Stillpoints: A Podcast with Scott Johnson

Aug 19, 2019

Scott talks to Maria Jose Pantoja who between 2009 and 2013 was one of the most consistent members and teachers at Stillpoint Yoga London. She turned from one of the most beautiful practitioners into one of our loveliest ever teachers. Maria was loved by everyone who was part of our community. She moved back to her native Mexico in 2013




Remembering Precious Times


When do you get the opportunity to reminisce with someone who was there at a deeply meaningful part of your life.


Scott and Maria have a moving conversation about the early years of Stillpoint Yoga London (between 2009 and 2013) and their relationship as teacher, student and friends. These were beautiful times. A yoga space finding it’s place in it’s early phase, yoga students and teachers being part of that growth together. The conversation brings up lost but incredibly special memories for both of them.

Scott and Maria talk about:

  • Maria’s evolution into Ashtanga yoga
  • Her part in the early years at SYL while studying for her PHD.
  • How she became a teacher under the guidance of Scott and the late Ozge Karabiyik.
  • Her memories and deep friendship with Ozge.
  • Her reaction to Ozge’s death in 2012.
  • The impact from her moving away from the UK in 2013.
  • The deep trust she has

This is a really lovely podcast. You’re perhaps left with a deep appreciation of the love and respect that Scott and Maria have for each other.


Show notes


Teachers Mentioned

Abby Hoffman

Craig Norris

John Scott

Lucy Crawford

Ozge Karabiyik

Rachel Barlow

Laura Graham-Dullaert