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Stillpoints: A Podcast with Scott Johnson

Aug 29, 2020

#017: Greg Nardi

Scott talks to close friend and colleague Greg Nardi on his life as an Ashtanga yoga practitioner and teacher. 


In this podcast we talk about the sexual abuse commited by Pattabhi Jois on a number of his students over the years. While this conversation centers Greg's experience, it is not meant to...

Jun 14, 2020

Scott talks to Wambui Njuguna-Räisänen on her life in yoga. 

An up and coming wellness advocate, Wambui has a blend of formal Ashtanga yoga training, Chavutti Thirumal (massage by foot press) and life experience that gives her a unique ability to see and hear those around her in a way that is tender, gentle and...

May 31, 2020

Scott talks to his good friend and fellow yoga teacher Zephyr Wildman...

Originally from Idaho, Zephyr Wildman is one of London's most well loved and highly regarded yoga teachers. Yoga and the Twelve Step recovery programme have supported her during difficult times, and Zephyr now works closely with treatment centres...

Apr 25, 2020

#014: Mark Robberds

Scott talks to Mark Robberds, a friend, senior Ashtanga yoga teacher and movement educator.

Mark Robberds has been practicing yoga since 1997. He is one of the few people to be certified to teach Ashtanga Yoga by KPJAYI. Over the years he has become one of the leading figures of movement in yoga...

Apr 12, 2020

Scott talks to Deepika Mehta, a friend and fellow long term practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga yoga. 

Deepika has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, where she used the tools of yoga to heal from a devastating climbing accident. Since then she has thrived, studying the Sivananda and Ashtanga yoga traditions and...